2016 INSOFTDEV’s Year in Review

Dear friends,

2016 was a great year in terms of challenges and new projects for INSOFTDEV and we want to thank you all:

  • Our collaborators, because you’ve selected and used our services.
  • Our competitors, because you helped us to improve.
  • Our potential clients, because you’ll find in us a long term partner with reliable services and professional team.

Smart2Car – Complete Management solution for Ground Transportation

Our smart booking and dispatch solution dedicated to taxi, limo and Private Hire companies has grown step by step to become today one of the most complete solutions from the industry. Some of the major improvements of Smart2Car that have been added in 2016 imply:

  • It’s become the first global solution supporting both Taxi and Coaches businesses.
  • Airport kiosks desktops – the first kiosk solutions for Private hire been installed in the biggest Romanian Airport.
  • New Spanish, Arabic and Chinese applications for supporting the expansion to Latin America and Middle East.
  • Extending the online and credit card gateways with 3 new ones – Braintree, Instapago and PaymentSense.
  • 100% custom Invoicing and statements systems for passengers, corporate clients and drivers
  • Replacing the Google direction service: GraphHopper and Google maps with OpenStreet, so the clients worldwide have a better control.
  • Backing up the Notification and Routing engines for a better fail over mechanism.
  • Integration of 3rd parties software. New notification engine that will increase significantly the apps performances
  • Switching to the latest Amazon Cloud Hosting technologies to support the new traffic and increase the system performances.
  • The development of a brand-new system for shuttle booking and dispatch companies starting from our existing one

Smart2Car 2016 Figures:

  • 531 days since Smart2Car was released
  • 23,8 % of the bookings been done from web and mobile devices
  • 92,000 processed end clients
  • 301,319 passengers on board
  • 149,842 processed bookings
  • 713,234 code lines have been written
  • 850 new features have been introduced
  • 7,489 booking been processed by our online and mobile payments engine
  • More than 200 internal meetings and thousands of coffees. 


2016 has been a good year for Insoftdev also in terms of business development and establishing new partnerships. Besides Europe, our products and services have become known and started being used also in Irak, Kuweit, USA, Venezuela, Australia where we established long term partnerships and collaborations. 

Key events and projects in 2016

Looking back at 2016 there are some key events that have marked our development as a software company providing solutions for Ground Transportation.

We want to share them with you bellow:

  • March -Cebit Fair in Hannover -where we participated in the Romanian IT delegation; this event has been a great opportunity to meet new customers, new partners, to extend our market and to establish long term collaborations
  • June -integration of Smart2Car with Karhoo booking platform so as our clients to be able to take bookings from this platform directly through their system
  • Jully -has brought a new project for Ground Transportation in USA – 4th place for INSOFTDEV football team at Iasi Intelligent City Cup
  • August- starting new project for Shuttle booking and dispatch in USA and Australia
  • September- live project – probation system for prisoners in Moldova
  • October –participation at Internet and Mobile World fair (Bucharest)
  • November -participation at WTM (World Trade Market)-London
  • December -live project-Shuttle booking and dispatch system 

What we want to accomplish this year with Smart2Car

As it is always place for better we know 2017 is going to bring new challenges in terms of our system development. We always analyze our customers’ new demands and see how we can put them into practice and how they can improve the quality of our existing system. Besides that, the development team has in plan for this year to enable POS payments, wallboards, to create an Integrated share network for all our clients in order to increase their profitability and rate.


For all these achievements that are not only ours to celebrate but also yours, we want to thank you all.


Warm Regards, INSOFTDEV Team