How does auto – dispatch work?

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How does auto – dispatch work?

Do you own a taxi, cab or chauffeur business? Are you in search of new solutions that will help increase the efficiency of your business and reduce the costs with human resources? Then, let’s see how Smart2Car, the new intelligent transportation system can help your company grow. First of all, the new system is a complete suite of integrated solutions that address to passengers, drivers, operators and not in the end to the company’s management team.

One of the most important components of Smart2Car is the Booking, dispatching and management solution also called the Back-office module where all operations are meant to help you increase the productivity of work and to reduce maintenance costs. As the main word in this equation is auto-dispatch, let’s see how it really works.

First of all, what does dispatching stands for? When we talk about taxi industry the dispatch is correlated with assigning a vehicle to a customer. Actually each company has certain rules and criteria for their dispatch process. In most of the taxi companies, clients are matched to the vehicles according to the order in which they’ve called and of course according to the proximity of the driver to each pick-up point.

With Smart2Car, the process basically follows the same scheme. When the system is dispatching a task it searches the best option according to the rules that have been set up straight by the beginning. If we talk about the automatic dispatch of all the bookings that enter into the system to the drivers the system can take into account the following factors:


Firstly, our algorithm will see if the driver is logged into the application. Next, our intelligent dispatch will see if his papers are fine and last but not least if the car type is the same as the client requested.

Predefined rules:

Before going into the ins and outs of the Automatic Dispatch let’s see the predefined rules. Highly flexible, you can set in the beginning the algorithm to be active on a time-frame. You know how business works and we have enabled you the option to allow the AD to work whenever you want, send notifications to a set number of drivers, set a range from the pickup address to search within and a threshold when the AD will start working.


And now comes the good part. Setting up the algorithm. Here you have several options to select from and even a combination between them like queuing system, geolocation/proximity, the number of bookings, distance traveled in a day or earnings. By using these options or a combination between them we’ve covered almost every rule that you might want to use for allocation. If you don’t think so, we’re opened to suggestions.

The Back-office module has many other functionalities that you can use: drivers jobs reports, price management module, jobs allocator, jobs list according to their status, registered clients list, notifications for drivers and jobs, car types list, invoice module and many others. Just take your time and try the innovative Smart2Car complete online dispatch solution and it is for sure that you are going to love it.

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