How to become Sherlock Holmes

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How to become Sherlock Holmes

Everybody knows and wants to be like Sherlock Holmes. Created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, this fictional character has become one of the famous British symbols in London. As he can mainly be characterized as a creative, intelligent and logical character, we have prepared a few warm recommendations that can help you imitate Sherlock Holmes or develop your forensic science abilities, disguise skills and reasoning. Here they come:

Sherlcok Holmes

1. Develop your intellect: Sherlock Holmes is smart because he invests time in reading and keeping up to date with the latest discoveries.
2. Play with the details: Whether you need to pay close attention to the people around you or spot important details in a room or a larger space, you need great observational skills in order to be like Sherlock Holmes.
3. Move to/visit London: This might turn out to be a difficult task, but if you want to talk with a British accent, you need practice. And what better place to exercise then the UK? And while you are still here, visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum on the famous Baker Street.
4. Learn chemistry: If you want to be able to analyze prints, blood samples and other important clues, start by purchasing a tool kit and experiment.
5. Find a trustful partner: A doctor is the best option, as it is alert, knows how to save your life and has plenty of life experience. Organized and tenacious, it can become your Dr. Watson.
6. Rely on your intuition: Sometimes it is better if you listen to your instincts. After gathering months and years of experience, clues or possible scenarios will come naturally to you. Sherlock Holmes loves to prove that he is right, especially when nobody else agrees with his hypothesis.
7. Listen: This is a great method to learn more about the human nature. A good listener can find many important clues from the speech of your witness, including tone, pauses, false information, hesitation and many more.
8. Do not underestimate: Every suspect is a possible criminal. Do not eliminate them from your list just because they do not seem to match with your profile.
9. Use logic: Do not take rush conclusions. Think of all the possible actions that led to a certain result and then analyze the gathered data. You will eventually be on the right track.
10. Be modern: Maybe Sherlock Holmes did not have today’s research possibilities, such as tracking app, personalized software, live notifications and marketing tools. He became famous due to the successful outcomes and creativity. So be inventive and use every available means in order to catch that criminal.

Or simply start smoking a pipe.

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