Apps for the road

Apps for the road

London is a very complex capital city that seems complicated even for travelers that are not at their first visit. As everyone owns a smartphone or an iPhone nowadays, you will never get lost or be out of fun ideas and stunning offers with the multitude of mobile apps. Most of them are available for tablets and laptops as well, so that you do not have to worry about the battery. We have prepared a list with solutions for problems that you might encounter in London as a visitor. As a holiday should be fun, forget about the stress caused by possible flawed plans and use the apps below. Let the fun begin:

1. Tripadvisor App – It is the ideal solution if you want to read realistic reviews and useful forums. You can use it for any country in the world and even put your own reviews, thus helping other travelers in need. Ask the right questions and you will receive a dozen of answers in an instant. The themes range from accommodations and restaurants to means of transport and parties.

2. Heritage App – This is perfect for travelers that have already seen the popular local attractions in London and want to try something different. Browse through more than 300 cultural venues that are part of the English Heritage and the National Trust. Enjoy beautiful landscapes, iconic architecture, interesting exhibitions and peaceful gardens with your loved ones or with a group of close friends.

3. XE Currency App – A great option for travelers that have problems with currency conversions. This app helps you calculate your budget using the latest rates. Moreover, it also shows the updated situation of the global stock market. This way you get to keep up to date and spend your allocated pounds wisely.

4. 247 Airport Transfer App (by INSOFTDEV LTD) – Looking for a fast and reliable minicab in London? Problem solved. As minicabs are way much cheaper than Black Cabs use this app and book online, thus avoiding any unpleasant surprises. The transfers are available 24/7, even on holidays.

5. Postagram App – Do you want to surprise your loved ones that could not join you in your London adventure? Send them the new, modern version of the old fashioned postcards and let them take a peek at your highlight moments. They will appreciate it and be happy for you. And also patiently expect for all those souvenirs and gifts that you will bring back from London.
Please keep in mind that the above mentioned apps are just a hint. You can find suitable ones for every domain that you might be interested in, ranging from flights and restaurants to theme parks and shopping departments.
P.S: Sometimes it is good to also get a little bit lost and stumble upon hidden gems that will make your British day.

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