Client’s perspective: Registered clients’ panel

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Client’s perspective: Registered clients’ panel

A taxi dispatch system must make sure to offer as much freedom for the client as possible; this means that the system should be as transparent as possible in order to allow the client to know exactly what to expect, from the time he makes his reservation up until the time of the pick-up.

This means that in an online taxi dispatch system, he should always stay in contact with his booking. The client should have real time access to check his details and confirm that he is going to be picked up from the right spot, at the right time.

This can easily be done in two ways. The first one being the notifications – whenever anything changes, the client should always know through either text message, or notification on his e-mail.
But there is more – our taxi and limo dispatch system opens an interface for the client where he can completely check every single detail of his booking. And the best part is that the client can also modify the information, at any given time, provided it is allowed by the operators / administrators of the application.

If there is any mistake that the client might have made, then he is able to easily check it out and correct it himself from inside his menu. He also gets access to the driver and is able to get in contact with him as soon as he is allocated.

This gives the customer a formidable freedom, and it is not even everything – in order to ease things even more, the customer has the option to check out his previous bookings and select any favorite addresses, meaning that the application will start to learn where he wants to go and where from, and the next time he will have the first step of his booking already filled in with a couple of clicks.

These features are meant to enhance the experience and to have our management system become an easy experience for the clients, as they are the engine which drives the system forward.

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