Track what is being done: application reports

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Track what is being done: application reports

These days, one of the essential things is to receive feedback based on what is modified or added into the taxi dispatch system.

Perhaps an important part of it is being aware of the negative effect that these might have on the customer-side of the application. There may be cases where the problem might not be directly communicated by them to one of the persons dealing with such issues. In certain cases, customers leave, and there is no way of knowing what problem they might have encountered.

That is where the need arises for an automated way of being informed about this. It would be best if the application itself could somehow report whenever a client is dealing with a problem. This way, it would be quite easy to contact the customer and make sure that he gets to finish the booking he was trying to make.

An idea would be to have a pop-up on a chat which would make it easier for the operator to contact the customer and guide him, as that would make it less troublesome for the person dealing with it. That would optimize the issues for both the client and the operator.

However, an issue might be that there this would add extra pressure on the client, who might not be entirely in a desire to be helped or even bothered. That would mean potentially losing a client.

In this regard, we come with a solution that fits both the needs of one side, and the other. Rather than forcing the customer to give us immediate feedback, we take our time and let the application make a note of where most problems are encountered. Then, whenever the need arises, there is the possibility of coming back over those issues and reporting them to be fixed.

In this way, you have the possibility of checking out the issues whenever it is needed, and not necessarily as soon as they happen, if you don’t want to.

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