InsoftDEV launches new OTDS features for iOS devices

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InsoftDEV launches new OTDS features for iOS devices

September 7, 2014. London, United Kingdom. InsoftDEV, a software company specialized in the development of online taxi dispatches for minicab companies, launches new features for their latest OTDS version. As the team is constantly looking for new ways to improve the whole transfer experience among its users, ranging from general managers to employees and online customers, the results can only lead to the establishment of new quality guidelines in the travel industry.

The increase in use of iOS devices among drivers has led to a new market request for compatible apps and OTDS software. After a close analysis, thorough research and testing, the InsoftDEV team has managed to allow drivers to log in into the application from any device, including the iOS ones. The interface is easy to use and friendly, just like the entire software. If your chauffeurs are not very knowledgeable when it comes to technology, this will not stand in the way of your company’s gradual development.


The ASAP option for customers is directly connected to the Automatic Dispatch System that has now been improved for iOS devices. The drivers are able to see their booking history when registered into their personal account, even if there is no Internet connection. This includes past jobs and also current bookings that have already been confirmed.
When a client makes an ASAP online booking, the Automatic Dispatcher will search for the available drivers in the pick-up area. The selected chauffeurs can accept it and receive an instant notification with the necessary booking elements, including pick-up and drop-off address, desired time and lead passenger’s contact details. Everything at the touch of a single button.

The InsoftDEV team has focused much of its efforts in developing iOS features related to the safety of the driver. There is a new panic function especially created for emergencies. An audio and video recording will start if a specific button is pressed. Moreover, as the attention of the drivers should be 99% dedicated to the road they can now use a Speech Assistant on their iOS systems and manage their bookings’ history or work with their iOS navigator by simply using a Voice Control command.

Chauffeurs that work during the night shifts can also be distracted by eye fatigue caused by the iOS devices. InsoftDEV has come up with a solution to this problem. It is a night mode option that underlines the essential details and sends the other useless design elements into a dark background.

The menu available for each driver connected to an iOS device that has downloaded the OTDS Driver App has access to a main menu comprising the following pages: “Current Job”, “Allocated Jobs”, “My Profile” and “Job History”.

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