Keep track of your fleet

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Keep track of your fleet

As a manager, your main concern is to keep a close eye on the whole activity of your company. This is a very difficult task, especially if you cannot afford to hire middle managers. In a private hire or taxi business, the most important employees of your staff are the drivers. The fleet is essential in finalizing each booking. Without them, the activity may crash, profit may become inexistent and clients will eventually lose their interest in your minicab services.

GPS Tracking

As you may already know, due to some pleasant or unfortunate situations, your clients need to be constantly informed about the status of their booking and allocated chauffeur. This can only be accomplished with the help of regular communication between all of the members of your staff. An online dispatch software might turn out to be the best invention after the telephone, as it allows you to manage all the activity with the help of a simple Internet connection.

This means that your drivers can have access to their allocated bookings and can interact with the controller and/or operator in charge when it comes to current location, duration of the journey and so on. They can also confirm or decline a certain booking, thus making the job much easier for the person or software in charge of the allocation process. The driver can also use this application to attach and keep evidence of his/her required licenses, view the history of his jobs and many more features.

Moreover, the online dispatch system can integrate GPS tracking, SMS and email systems, thus ensuring complete communication. In this manner, you or your staff can send the details of a certain booking, find out the exact location of every single member of your fleet, and also inform the customer about the status of his journey, by any electronic device, such as tablet, mobile phone, smartphone, iPhone, PC and laptop. As you can see, technology managed to provide the complete solution for your taxi company, leading it to success on the market and among your customers.

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