Taxi dispatch system- why do you need this solution?

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Taxi dispatch system- why do you need this solution?

The most important purpose of the taxi dispatch system is to be of great help to the operators and the controllers, being in the same time a platform that gets directly to the clients.Like this, there is no doubt that a good dispatch system is the key to the increased confidence that the clients can earn in the taxi company’s services

Usually, when someone makes a travelling plan, they want everything to be well organized, to avoid any unforeseen event or any mistake that may appear while making the booking or on a later update. Therefore it is mandatory for the returning customers to have the opportunity to manage their reservation and to have constant accessibility of the booking details. When we deal with reservations made in advance, with several days before the pick-up, or even weeks and months, it is most probably that some of the details will change, mainly the date, hour, addresses, number of people, of luggage, etc. Therefore, the constant care about the success of the future reservation should be a priority. This is why a good taxi dispatch is needed, for operators and also for the clients.

For the perfect feedback, a confirmation of the reservation and of the constant updates should be mandatory. This way the trust in the services increases and most probably a customer will become a loyal one in the future.

If we take the needs of the clients into consideration we will notice that the journeys can be of two kinds: personal and business ones. When a passenger is making a business trip he requires more than a confirmation that the system saved his journey and that a driver will come at his location at the desired time and date. Usually the costs are covered by the firm so a financial invoice and a receipt are needed. If these documents can be provided easy, using only the dispatch system, than the chances that the customer will use the services of the company again will surely increase.

For the company, one of the most important features of the dispatch system is the management of the costs. When the costs of every journey are calculated automatically, there is a less chance of a mistake. Also, the feature offers a large scale of possible amendments and the option to insert exception prices, based on a series of external factors, such as bank holidays, traffic, celebrations and extra fees. If we take into consideration the fact that in each business the provided services have to be transparent, if a company offers the real and correct price on the first quote, using the taxi dispatch system, the number of satisfied customer will certainly be larger.

With an intelligent dispatch solution, you should have no problem in complying with TFL requests in no time and with no effort. You will find out INSOFTDEV solution, Smart2Car can help you automatize your workflow and save a lot of your precious time when dealing with the new requests.

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