Insoftdev Announces the Release of the the New Software Solution Smart2car

InSoftDEV, one of the leading software providers of solutions for private hire taxi companies, has launched today their new intelligent dispatch solution Smart2Car which addresses Private hire and Taxi companies world-wide.
London, London, United Kingdom, June 8, 2015 – (PressReleasePoint) – InSoftDEV, one of the leading software providers of solutions for private hire taxi companies, has launched today their new intelligent dispatch solution Smart2Car which addresses Private hire and Taxi companies world-wide.
The previous version of the system (Online Taxi Dispatch System) has brought so many dynamic and improved features at each version released someone would wonder what can Smart2Car bring new on the matter and how can it impress its audience. The new intelligent system was developed mainly based on the feedback provided by the customers and it covers many exceptions that INSOFTDEV encountered with the clients. All the modules of Smart2Car were thoroughly debated and the system brings new functionalities for Drivers, Back-office and clients that will surely improve the booking process as a whole.
Let’s see what Smart2Car has to offer in terms of novelties. Number 1 on the list is the Automatic Dispatch feature – which can be set up on a time-frame with new allocation rules that were added. In this case the allocation of the jobs will be automatically made by the system according to the rules someone would want to apply such as: location of the car, proximity to the job, driver’s skills or any other option you may need. The pricing module was reconfigured adding new pricing rules that cover every exception that might appear. The price can also be defined for each account and car type.
The Web-booker is much more flexible and customizable in the new system, meaning that the taxi company can define as many Web-Bookers as they would like enabling/disabling several booking templates and car types from which the client can select. This option comes in the help of companies who want to define different rules for each website where they set-up the web-booker in order to promote their services.
Another interesting option in the new system is regarding the Operational Area feature meaning that someone can define the zone in which the company operates. Smart2Car brings novelties also for passengers and drivers as the new apps allow the clients to make a booking by only one tap using their pick-up address. For those companies which operate with drivers on the street they can now input their own booking in the system. In what concerns the mobile applications for the clients and the drivers Smart2Car comes with new design and plenty of new improvements. And what is also important is the fact that the mobile apps can be fully customized from the back-office.

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About InSoftDEV

Since 2013, InSoftDEV develops private hire minicab solutions including Web Booker and Dispatch Systems, Driver Tracking modules and Mobile Apps. The best product that incorporates their ideas is the Online Taxi Dispatch System (OTDS). This professional solution to any private hire company keeps introducing new features, suitable for any type of fleet. InSoftDEV has contracts with leaders on the London minicab market, such as 247 Airport Transfer. For more details, visit:

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