Client management – making sure to keep your loyal customers close

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Client management – making sure to keep your loyal customers close

While it is always important to anticipate as much regarding the customer as possible, as it has been discussed in a previous article regarding the booking creation, it is also important to allow the client to offer as much information as he’d prefer.

Of course, perhaps the first thing that must be done is to allow the client to separate himself from his company – it is something truly peculiar that sometimes the most important aspects are the ones that are neglected – applications tend not to allow the generation of invoices per company, only allowing clients to make bookings under their own personal name.

This is something that our dispatch taxi and booking system does best – we allow full customization regarding the way the invoice is created, as well as making sure that the client gets the required information in an easy way, as comfortable as possible.

Another particularly special thing is the option to allow observations regarding the client – this means that whenever a client has a special request, the operators are able to make a note for it, and in that way, the information will be known for any future reservations – this enables great control over what a client wants, and how you, as a company, should provide it.

There is also the ability to enable business accounts – this means a separation between an account created for a client in the taxi dispatch system, and an account created for an entire company. The business accounts provide extra fields for the company, as well as letting the option open for the client to have his own information introduced.

There are also a lot of great features meant to improve this connection whenever the client manages his account – however, those will be thoroughly discussed at the right time. Keep in mind that this is only a small part of what the online taxi dispatch software has to offer.

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