Tracking the drivers with the help of our booking system

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Tracking the drivers with the help of our booking system

When running a minicab company, the most important aspect you will want to take care about is that your drivers always get in time for the jobs. The last thing you want is to deal with unsatisfied customers saying that their driver was late or didn’t show up to a pick up and that they missed their flight because of this. This is something you will most certainly want to avoid, as it will affect the reputation of your company and will make you lose credibility, clients and money.

If you choose to work with our Online Taxi Dispatch System, not only that you will avoid these situations, but you can also be sure that all your driver-related problems will be solved. We offer customizable solutions so as to help you have a better Driver Management.

When you’ll open our online booking system, you will see the “Drivers” section right in the top of the menu and from there you can browse through categories like Drivers List, Drivers Availability, Drivers Allocator, Drivers Tracking and Drivers Reports.

One of the most important of these categories is Drivers Tracking. It is also one of the newest features added to our taxi booking software and it was designed to help the controllers have a better view of the drivers’ statuses and locations.

Thus, the feature basically consists of a map on which you can see the names of the drivers who are currently on the road and their exact location. The greatest aspect of the feature is that the location is updated real-time, so you will know exactly where they are at a certain moment in time.

When you click on the name, you will be redirected to that driver’s job details. So, you will see the booking reference, the status and the pick-up and drop-off addresses. Also, you can see whether or not the driver has confirmed the job. Thus, as you can see, you will have access to all the important information about the job and will allow you to also keep the clients updated.

If you want to benefit of this amazing new feature, all you need to do is just contact us and request our Online Taxi Dispatch System and we will customize it according to your needs and requirements.

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