Optimizing your array of car choices

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Optimizing your array of car choices

Whether you have a small fleet of cars or you are already a well-established company, one of the most important aspects to take into account is the ability to group your range of cars into separate car types so that you can more effectively exploit their potential.

Whether you need to split them into just two – personal / family vehicles, or a plethora of other types, most applications offer a fixed range of choices – as each company sees fit at the time – the types of cars will always remain the same.

What does Smart2Car, our Dispatch software provides, in return? Flexibility. We know that your company will not always stagnate, and we are ready to step up the amount of options in correlation to your company’s growth. Whenever you acquire new types of cars, or new categories of vehicles, you have the freedom to decide where and when they must be placed.

This can all be done through our “car types” module – you are able to define cars, their capabilities, and group them according to whatever system you like.

A complete range of choices is exactly what any company needs when it comes to satisfying their customers. Making sure that you are always up to the challenge is a necessity that is more and more acute as the world progresses.

Not only do the car types need to be defined, but there are many, more sensitive aspects to be taken into account. Do cars only belong to a certain type? Do they belong to a particular driver? All these questions are things that we have already thought of and we have come to a complete Dispatch Software Solution,so that we can adjust it perfectly to any of your needs.

In this way, dedicating the right type of vehicle to each job will undoubtedly increase efficiency, make everybody involved more pleased and overall, it will guarantee that the passenger, who is the most important element in the scheme of things, is happy.

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