Staying in contact with your peers: text message / invoice management systems

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Staying in contact with your peers: text message / invoice management systems

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The last article was about how having the passengers receive notifications in real time can be extremely crucial. Now it’s time to take a look at how this can affect the controllers who have to deal with drivers in real time.

This is undoubtedly another crucial component of the process of satisfying the customer when you decided to go around for a Taxi Dispatcher system. Making sure that the driver receives his notifications and confirms them as quickly as possible is a must.

The taxi management system that we provide is ready to turn up with multiple features which will surely help you in your quest of notifying the customer regarding his issues. This includes not only e-mail and text message notifications on the mobile phone, but also real time web notifications for the drivers who will have your driver app installed on their phones.

It is truly crucial for the driver to always be on time, and this is one of the ways in which we want to create a medium in which everyone knows what they have to do long before the time to do it is actually in place.

Of course, this also requires cooperation from the drivers, and this is why we are ready to take it up a notch; from inside his driver application, he will be able to confirm his bookings as soon as he gets them, thanks to our notification system. We will make sure to update this on a future article.

If we go back to our taxi management system, another important point is the ability to quickly notify the drivers by just pressing a button on the booking – there will be a different function for text messages, e-mail and tablet notifications, but regardless of which is chosen, there are patterns which are defined and which can be set by the administrator of the application which can be edited to reflect the exact message that you want to send.

Given all this, we are confident that our application is ready to fully cover your needs when it comes to notifications and actual communication between the controllers of your company and your fleet, rendering our online taxi dispatch system to be one of the most interactive and quick to respond systems on the market.

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