Smart2Car. How to use your taxi dispatch software in a profitable manner?

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Smart2Car. How to use your taxi dispatch software in a profitable manner?

If you have gotten this far it means that you already took advantage of all the other articles in this series and you have purchased a suitable taxi dispatch software. The next big question is how can you use it in order to increase your profit? Although an online taxi system it extremely useful for your staff, fleet and customers, it should also turn your business into a cost-effective private hire business. It would be best if you could hire a marketing specialist, but if you are still a small minicab company, with a few operators and drivers and you do not have the necessary material or human means, you could try using the following tips.

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First of all, you should always remember that customers are the ones who benefit from your service and the ones that turn your firm into a successful business. This is why your profit will revolve around your effort of attracting new passengers and turning current clients into loyal ones. A first step will be to create personalized offers according to your main targets. For example, you could set a 10% discount for all the two way journeys, using your dispatch software. This will convince them to book with you the second time as well, and if they are satisfied with the overall service you will become their first choice when it comes to a minicab journey.

Your dispatch software can (and should) allow you to create different loyalty programs that will hook possible customers. This can be done by various accounts (personal, business, B2B) and certain settings for each of them. By offering, for example, a 10% discount for every register customer, on any booking, you can attract not only loyal clients, but also business partners. Another great tip is to always show your prices from the very beginning. No hidden costs are definitely a great ally for a valuable private hire company.

So far, we have shown you a few tips and tricks on how to bring more customers, thus more bookings per year. You might think that so far you only saw the word discount for a few times. But how about additional fees? There are a few pieces of advice when it comes to raising the standard journey price. First of all, make sure to update your prices once a year and not sooner, especially if your brand is known for its low quotes. Using your dispatch software you can also study the days or months with the greatest number of bookings, by any period of time (like rush hours and bank holidays). This is a great opportunity for seasonal price increases. As the requests for minicab services on times like Christmas and Easter represent the highest point in travel sales, you can even charge 50% more.

Another profitable solution is to offer options such as stops on the way and child seats, all for an additional fee. Your taxi dispatch software should be able to automatically update the standard price. Moreover, if you have a large fleet, you can add extra wages for such cars like VIPs and 8-Seaters. Another cost-effective option is to offer several payment methods to all of your clients and add an extra cost for credit card payments, for example. Other expenses that can be included in the price involve the parking fees for airports, ports, stations, bridges and any other motorway requirements.

All of the above mentioned tips and tricks can all be done by using your dispatch software settings. Thus, your prices will be automatically updated. It also allows you to play with any account or loyalty program, to add as many types of cars, payment methods, stops on the way, etc. and also charge them accordingly.

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