Computer Telephony Integration

VoIP communication can grant you free communication as well as easy access to the Public Social Telephone Network (PSTN). This is however subject to the payment of the local fees on your part. The most essential purpose of the database connection in a call center server is the caller identification. This basically means that the call center can get all the known information about a customer in the exact moment the customer calls the system or a call center agent dials a customer’s number.

Customer identification can be the base of the call routing. For example, let’s assume that your company has three different provided services, and you have three groups of support agents, each group is a set of professionals on the service assigned to their group. When a customer calls, the call center server checks the customer information from the database and identifies them as somebody who has purchased the second service. In this case it is essential that the call will be directed to an agent who is assigned to handle the second service.

We have experience in developing and integrate under a dispatch system the software solutions for identifying the caller and returning relevant information without the need to answer.

Our expertise area:

  • Monitor and log your calls under Dispatch Software;
  • Supports dialing and receiving calls directly in your browser
  • Employs the Caller ID service provided by your phone company;
  • Website visitors can call you directly from your website;
  • Immediate alert when a new call is received;
  • Notifies you of the call details;
  • Automatically manages and logs all your incoming calls;
  • Present the history about that client on screen;
  • Use provided information for further actions (orders, tickets, update clients details, etc.);
  • Run an external application and pass Caller ID information.

Service ConditionsService Conditions:

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