Taxi Dispatch System. How does it work ?

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Taxi Dispatch System. How does it work ?

Dispatch system is the core of the worlds’ Smart2Car Taxi Management Platform, including: auto-dispatch, real-time tracking, quote&booking, credit card payments, invoicing and many other important feature to manage properly your business operations. The dispatch system is an important module of Smart2Car that facilitates the entrance and the management of bookings . The main feature of this taxi and limo dispatch system is that you can make a booking in less than 15 seconds, pressing just 3 buttons. As you can see in the following print screen, it has an intuitive layout, being divided into 3 + 1 sections.

The first one, on the top left side, is the booking form where the operators can make new bookings. It is provided with a lot of features, requiring many optional details that can improve the services . Here is where just by pressing the button ASAP ( as soon as possible ) and entering the addresses, you can make a booking in about 15 seconds.

The second section, in the middle of the page, is referring to the Drivers. Here we can see the zones defined , the drivers queue, we can even see the drivers on the map . We also have here 2 tables named “Jobs in progress” and “Drivers Available” , both being queues of jobs and drivers sorted by a rule like waiting time.

The third section is the one on the buttom of the page and it provides information about the future bookings. Here we can select them after their status an see the allocated, unallocated, in progress , done or canceled ones. We have also a lot of other features for each one , like creating a return booking, filling the booking, managing it, or we can locate it on the map. The “more details” column offers us info about flights, web-booker, or the return booking.

The last but not the least is the Notifications & Chart section, which can be displayed by pressing the arrow in the bottom-right side of the screen. The notification table is a live dynamic one, which provides information about the last changes of driver statuses. The Chart section allows you to load a forecasting which generates a chart with information about number of jobs and drivers.

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