Smart2Car. Why is it very important a Dispatch system for your business?

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Smart2Car. Why is it very important a Dispatch system for your business?

Smart2Car – Taxi dispatch system that helps your businesses to gain a competitive edge in taxi industry while deliver the tools to optimize your operations.
Since we need to find the answer to our question, we must first take a look at how technological progress has gotten us up to this moment.

Every day, there are less people are doing automated tasks. Computers are taking care of it. Focusing on that, it is clear taht the workload for the average person will constantly drop. And this is what brings us to this point.

We’ve come across a moment in time where we feel the need – both as operators who take orders, as well as clients – to spend as little time as possible focusing on difficult, repetitive tasks.

Communicating with the clients seems like a never ending source of unfortunate mishaps; an address, a name spelled incorrectly can create problems to all the persons involved – and while the misunderstanding could have been avoided, the results don’t leave much room for error – a missed flight can have an adverse effect on people’s lives – a reservation that has been wrongly introduced can decide the fate of a single person – and this is where the reservation systems have the pressure upon themselves to make sure that the information which comes from the client to the operator is entirely correct.

This is why there was a need for standard reservation forms – the client fills in all his details, and all the things that are sent to the company help to make sure that the data is correctly introduced. Double checking at both ends should reduce the chance of huge misunderstandings taking place. Therefore, one of the most important features is giving the client the first word in order for him to express exactly what he desires.

A lot of taxi dispatch systems try to restrict the person who is introducing his details from having too much freedom with their inputs, because it can be considered a risk that would produce even more confusion – as long as there is a standard for the input, everything should be clear and efficient. It might be that sometimes it is easier if you let the person decide what is best. We try to keep an open end in our reservation system, allowing the client to tell us everything about the reservation he wants to make – it is made so that all the information the client might have to send to us will be received by the operator.

We were talking about how automated forms are the next step past the direct communication between the client and the person who takes the order. Our taxi dispatch system , named Smart2Car , or S2C ( is trying to take that a step further. We are trying to teach our system who the clients are, what is their importance, and how they like to be served. We take into account each client’s preference and make sure that we respect it, so that the service offered will always be top notch.

There is a lot to work on for that to be made perfect. Our next article will begin our journey into the world of taxi dispatch systems.

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