Main features of the Client Notification System

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Main features of the Client Notification System

Our fantastic Smart2Car Taxi Dispatch System provides a large variety of features for the customers to be happy with the services you offer. Among them, we can include the accounts and the loyalty programs. Also, we should not forget about the Client Notification System that helps the people traveling with you trust your company. The options offered by our taxi booking system are listed below:

–          No matter if the passenger chooses to make the booking by himself or he asks one of the operators to do it for him, the booking application will automatically send an SMS or / and an e-mail to the lead passenger or the client. You can also send the message to both of them. Thus, the customer will have the written proof that their reservation has been performed. Also, they will be able to check the details and change them if they are incomplete or incorrect.

– The invoice for the bookings can also be attached to the e-mail. By doing so, it will be very helpful for the customers who need the invoice for business requirements. In the invoice, you can include the time and date of the journey, the reference number for the booking, the pick-up address and the drop-off point, the account number if necessary, the price and the payment method. You can add any other details if you consider them helpful for your customers.

–          Your operators also have the possibility to generate the invoice manually. They can do so by making use of the customer’s details or by completing a couple of fields with information like postcode, name, town, street, company, etc.

–          The Online Taxi Dispatch System also benefits of an Invoice Module that can be used for the loyal customers and the partners. This state-of-the-art module allows you to search for a partner or client by simply completing his contact details: e-mail address, phone number, name, choosing the journey date, selecting the payment method and many more.

–          As soon as you find the booking you are looking for, all you have to do is generate the invoice. The module will do that for you. You can complete optional fields such as name, town, street, postcode and company. By using this method, your operators will be able to generate multiple invoices by the blink of an eye.

–          Last, but not least, the Online Booking Dispatch allows the customers to receive notifications including the details of the driver. This type of e-mail is sent automatically by the application when the booking is given to a certain driver. The message can also contain details such as: the details for the car: registration number, color, model, the contact number and the name of the driver.

The features we have described above can be constantly updated. For example, the operators are allowed to send text messages and e-mails to the clients and inform them if the booking or some details in the booking have been changed. In case the passenger decides to add other options such as child seats that increase the final price or if he changes the address, you can simply call on this feature. The allocated driver can also be changed and the details of the new driver will also be sent by e-mail or SMS to the client.

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