Two Important Features for your Business: Driver Availability and Driver Allocator

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Two Important Features for your Business: Driver Availability and Driver Allocator

Hello, dear readers and customers! We are glad to see that you came back to read a new interesting article about our booking application’s key features. Today, we will be talking about two of these features of taxi dispatch system: the Driver Availability and the Driver Allocator.

The first thing you need to know when running a minicab company is how to control and manage your drivers. Your business depends on them and the jobs they make, therefore, you must always make sure that they get in time for their pick-ups. At the same time, you have to be aware of which driver is available and when so as to know if you can cover the jobs or not. Doing this manually can be quite a daunting job, but thanks to our Online Taxi Dispatch System, things are getting easier.

Basically, we’re doing everything for you, so that you can have full control over your business and see the revenue increasing day by day. So, first of all, we present you the Drivers Availability, a feature that is going to help you have control over which driver is available or not. So, this is basically a list where you will include all your drivers in the order that you choose.

Once you have introduced all the drivers, you can note the hours and the days when they are available. You can even add special observations for every driver and edit these details any time you want. This is going to be very helpful for the controllers who need to know when to send a chauffeur to a job.

The second feature of our Dispatch Software we want to present you today is called the Driver Allocator and it is also an extremely helpful application that will ease the work of the controllers. Thus, here is where you will allocate all the drivers to their jobs. In this table, you will introduce the name of the drivers and the hours when he has pick-ups. For every job, you can write details like booking ID, pick-up address, drop-off address, the location of the driver, the number of passengers, the amount of luggage, the type of car and the status of the driver. The table includes the details per day, week and month, offering an overall view over the allocated jobs.

So, if you have encountered problems with the job and driver allocation or with the driver availability, we recommend you our online taxi booking software that can be customised to meet all your needs.

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