A short journey into the world of making taxi reservations – Part 1: getting a quote

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A short journey into the world of making taxi reservations – Part 1: getting a quote

While there are a lot of options regarding the way in which you can charge a client, the one you choose may be decisive. Making sure that you have price ranges which can be up to date to the actual needs of your clients could prove to be a decisive element for a taxi booking system.

With technology becoming more and more involved in decision-making nowadays, letting a map application (such as OpenStreet Maps) set the mileage and calculate the distance seems like an optimal choice. However, this may not always be the case.

Having your decision based on automatic calculations in such a delicate situation may prove to be a step in the wrong direction – sometimes a machine can’t take into account all considerations when establishing a journey which may be, perhaps, even months ahead.

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How would that problem be fixed? With slight efforts, the application can be “taught” to calculate prices in an intelligent way – why try to make the distance be the decisive factor? Sometimes, based on accessibility, traffic, and many other factors, the application may actually produce more appealing results for its customers.

This is definitely not the only important aspect. Sometimes, making sure that you have the location that your client needs is crucial. With so many locations such as Airports, Ports, Stations, who is to say what approach would suit them best?

For this question,  there are other important factors to take into account. A good application will understand that while it is impossible for you to tailor your searches for every single customer, you do have a need for flexibility. And that is exactly what we have.

Who is to say that we only need particular locations? Our database tries to include as many points as possible, each of them with a different meaning. In that way, whenever you may encounter a certain situation for a group of locations, you will be able to make them fit together in one bigger cluster, from where the client will be able to easily select them.

These, combined with several accessibility features, are the keystones for what we are about to discuss next, so make sure to read the following articles as well!

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