InSoftDEV announces the release of the 3rd version of their booking system, OTDS

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InSoftDEV announces the release of the 3rd version of their booking system, OTDS

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LONDON, UK, 20th of January – The team of developers at InsoftDEV have come forth with the announcement for the release of the 3rd version of their Online Taxi Dispatch System software.The OTDS is a software used for Taxi Dispatching, as well as an Online Booking System, also integrating a Driver Application for mobile platforms and therefore it is meant to be used as a booking platform for clients, and also as a tool for monitoring drivers and allocating reservations to each of them in the most efficient manner possible.
The highlight of this updated version is the new and improved Drivers Application, which has been completely revamped and is currently boasting a much more powerful Android native engine, meaning that any driver can access it on his mobile smartphone or tablet and stay fully connected to any information he might need in regard to his current or future bookings, even without being connected to the internet.

As always though, the application maintains its position as being entirely based online – all actions taken will immediately have an impact on the cloud, instantly applying the changes to all computers that are in contact with the dispatch system.
Perhaps one of the most important updates is the advanced mode in which bookings can be managed through the Taxi Dispatcher’s Driver Allocator function, which can easily show you where the drivers are and how much time they will be needing before being ready to pick-up new clients.

Secondly, there have been great improvements made in the area of communication between the operators and customers, as the system is now able to instantly accept phone calls over VoIP through the brand new HTML5 based softphone, which means that the customers will be able to call a number, and it will ring directly within the application.

Another great feature that comes with the new update is the ability to schedule alerts and notifications for certain events in order to have notifications show up, keeping you posted to whatever it is that you want to stay up to date to. This ability can prove to be extremely useful in the case of keeping tabs on drivers’ expired papers, or displaying warning messages when drivers are not yet allocating for upcoming journeys.

The team further announces that there have been great improvements made on the aspect of the customization – the application now has a full menu for system configuration variables, which are not only limited to application settings, but also style modifications, such as backgrounds and colours within the menus.
An adjacent feature to the one presented above appears to be the implementation of a full feedback module, with editable templates; this means that the clients who take journeys will be able to relate back on their impressions, letting the company know exactly what are the areas where they should work to improve.

The team sets out to make a statement that innovation is one of the key words when referring to their application, which is why there are also full templates to be edited for sending e-mails, invoices, as well as text messages, and this allows the manager of the company to decide exactly how he wants the application to look, and then further customize it.
An extra step is the customization of the reports for drivers, this module allows for easy implementation of new formulas which can be further added in the final reports that are generated for each driver at the end of the payment cycle. Using the variables, entire formulas can be generated, easily facilitating the use of the reports module by creating interactive and responsive driver reports. On top of this, driver agreements can be fully edited and generated for quick and easy use when having them sign up for the service.

The application further enhances the complex price calculating algorithms, offering the possibility of both calculating journey prices between standard locations, as well as with a formula which can show the price according to the mile threshold that is imposed for each length. This, combined with the postcode database which carries over 4 million locations, is undoubtedly going to prove to be a decisive factor in how easy it will be to create a booking through the system.

The Driver Tracking module is now fully developed, and it is ready to display the coordinates of any number of drivers in real time, simply by having them install the driver application on their mobile devices. This module can also be further customized, and the information can be used in various purposes as it reaches the database, such as finding the quickest way to allocating the right driver for a certain reservation.

Another strong point of this application, as presented by its developers, lies in its security and stability – the application uses full HTTPS encryption, and each system installed comes with its own database, and a full, complete, separate installation, unlike what other dispatch companies have to offer. This, combined with their proactive customer support, is set to provide great reliability for customers.

Since the system is made up of three separate modules, it proves to be very easy to access, making sure to create the right balance between the interaction of the online booking system, the operator management console, and the full-fledged driver application with its tracking service.
Given all this, the team is very excited about the new release and everyone seems confident that what they are achieving will prove to revolutionize the way people see the booking systems.

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