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Automatic Dispatching

1. Smart2Car Automatic Dispatcher (SCAD) engine can be enabled from System Configuration → Dispatcher → Rules.

It can be disabled anytime for the entire system, or individually for days and time frames of the week.
The controller can dispatch jobs on-the-fly or enable the system to queue, program and dispatch automatically the pre-bookings with ‘x’ minutes before the pickup time.

2. Once you’ve accessed the above menu, you can enable automatic dispatcher for specific days or time frames as bellow.

3. SCAD can work in silence mode, while assisting your controllers with suggestions only, or taking the full control overbooking and dispatching operations, program the jobs, dispatch to your drivers, inform the controller and the passengers.

4. SCAD can dispatch the jobs following the distance or queue algorithms.

5. You have full control over the drivers queue length and the Accept time out for the drivers, to confirm the job and the passenger to receive the confirmation notifications along with the drivers details which will pick them up.

6. We know each cab company has its own rules for dispatching the jobs. That’s why our SCAD engine can use more than 100 different algorithms for generating the drivers queue along with the priorities. The system has been designed to support a large area of businesses and operations.

The bellow conditions can be used one by one, mixed or all:
– by distance – the nearest driver from the pickup will have the highest priority in the queue, while the furthest driver will have the lowest priority
– by order number; simple rule- first who will check-in within a preset area, will be first out.
– seats numbers, check-in luggage, hand luggage – we’re doing a best match between the client preferences and the drivers and their cars.
– bookings today – a driver which had more jobs in that day will have a lower priority in the list compared with a driver which had less jobs in the same day;
– total price today – a driver which earns more money in that day will have a lower priority in the list compared with a driver which earns less money in the same day;
– distance today – driver which drives more miles that day will have a lower priority in the list compared with a driver which drives less miles in the same day;
– radius – you decide the best radius within what will be considered the eligible drivers for a pickup job.

7. Do you operate a large fleet with a various range of vehicle types? Then definitely you may not want the SCAD to run for minibus and coach jobs. Its your choice to decide what type of vehicles to be considered by SCAD.

8. Do you decide not dispatching jobs to drivers and vehicles with papers/licenses expired in order to avoid any legal penalties? SCAD engine takes care of this matter – those drivers can be skipped.

9. We’ve have designed a special dashboard for SCAD from where you can monitor the SCAD activity along with the jobs in progress.

Queue, program and dispatch the pre-booking jobs.
If the AD is enabled, any booking with pickup in the near or distant future will be queue by AD and be program ed for dispatching within X minutes until pickup time.

11. The controller will decide if a job must be ignored and skipped from programming, or manually programmed instead.
In the dedicated SCAD column from Booking list you’ll know for each booking the SCAD status (queue, programmed, executed).

For the jobs that have been programmed, there will be listed how many minutes remained until will be dispatched (E.g.: in bellow print screen there will be 257 from now till this job will be automatically dispatched).

12. For all executed SCAD jobs, the controller can view the history of SCAD decisions.

13. And finally, bellow you can see the User and driver experience. SCAD will do your job.

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