Collecting your reward: Payment system integrations

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Collecting your reward: Payment system integrations

There are many things that the client requires, and satisfying the needs of each and every one of them can prove to be a daunting task which has a lot of implications, and it is not something that is always easy to do.

Regarding the payment method, with our OTDS system (Online Taxi Dispatch System) it’s no longer just a matter of preference – it’s a matter of how the client perceives his finances, and his bank account security – it is entirely up to the customer to decide how much and who he wishes to trust, and this is where we can only come in as an intermediary factor between the client and his payment method.

Our role in this is to maintain a constant pattern in which the client is able to feel at ease. This means that we need to create a balance between clients who prefer comfort and those who would rather save money on the way.

What about our Cloud application? While we support cash payments, we’ve managed to integrate our booking application with at least a couple of other merchant systems, which is sure to help accustom the needs of any customer.

That is not even everything – we’ve also thought about the possibility of receiving bank transfers directly into the account – in this way, it is absolutely impossible that the client won’t be satisfied with the service offered.

What else do we need in order to optimize the flow? Besides security and ease of use, the client needs one more thing which is essential: the quickness of the process. Some clients may not even have the time to make payments by credit card, leaving the car to go to an ATM and then getting back, and that is when there is need for more.

Our credit card payment modules allow the payment instantly even over the internet, by simply having the client put in his payment details.
When it comes to this, it is easy to see how pleasing the customers can only be done by offering as many options as possible.

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