Smart2Car. Managing prices in the Taxi Dispatch System

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Smart2Car. Managing prices in the Taxi Dispatch System

The Online Taxi Dispatch System (OTDS) is the perfect way to keep a balance between your company’s interests and the customers’ demands when it comes to prices. (OTDS) Version 2.1 gives you the possibility to charge a certain sum according to the number of passengers, pieces of luggage, car type, number of journeys, zones, time tables and many other criteria. You will find below a more accurate description of each feature:

–          If you specialize only on local or airport jobs or if you cover a certain area or even an entire city or country, you have the possibility to set your own extra charges for pick-up and drop-off points: parking fees for airports/ports/stations, etc.

–          You can let the passengers add one or several stops on the way and choose between a standard price per stop or per number of miles.

–          If your fleet is made up of 10 or 100 cars, all Saloon car type or ranging from VIP models to MPV+, you have the opportunity to establish a certain fee for each of them.

–          (OTDS) Version 2.1 makes the clients’ and passengers’ lives easier when it comes to one way or round trip journeys, clearly stating the total sum in the first step. The quotes can vary according to your company’s standards and offers. For example, you can set up a cheaper price for the return journey to bring more customers.

–          The Online Taxi Dispatch also gives you the possibility to charge extra for the waiting time. It automatically adds the fee to the final price, taking into consideration the number of minutes that you can manually insert into the passenger’s booking.

–          You can add a variety of Standard Prices from local postcodes to different airports, harbors and stations and from airports/harbors/stations to certain local addresses.

–          (OTDS) Version 2.1 also provides you with a field that is able to control the prices offered by mile. There is a miles threshold that allows you to set a certain fee for journeys up to a certain number of miles (Up to 3/10/50/etc. miles).

–          There is also a field for Exception Prices, where you can establish a percentage increase for various days of the year. This option is perfect for holidays or highly demanding periods.

–          If customer care is one of your main priorities, then The Online Taxi Dispatch can help you set up different loyalty programs. You can start by choosing one or several defining names. If you want to classify your customers by their number of used miles or any other criterion that you consider suitable, then you can give them the possibility to reach a Bronze or Silver level that can be set up manually by the operator. The account type can also range according to your customers’ type and interests: Personal, Corporate and B2B. The percentage discount can be selected in the Value field and it applies to the base or the total price of the journey.

–          If you want to keep an evidence of your driver’s professionalism, you can add a penalty to certain jobs or note the tip that he has received.

–          The agency commission field allows you to manually update the prices of a certain journey. This feature is very important if you have several partners, each with their own demands and quotes.

–          Customers are usually attracted by multiple payment methods. With The Online Taxi Dispatch you can give them the possibility to pay cash, by credit card or by bank transfer and add a certain fee for each one of them.

–          If your company also offers baby seats or other optional items for the passengers, you can add an extra price for them.

Most of the above stated features appear in the price details of each booking: standard journey price, discounts, optional items, exception prices and all the other extra charges. This way, the operators and managers can always have a clear view of the customer’s demands.

The team is always working on new improvements. One of them is the Plot Zones option that allows you to set up prices according to a certain zone, within certain intervals. The option can be easily defined by marking the areas. It is ideal for private hire companies that carry their activity in cities known for their rush hour traffic intervals.

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