InSoftDev Announces the Release of the the 2.5.9 Version of Software Solution Smart2car

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InSoftDev Announces the Release of the the 2.5.9 Version of Software Solution Smart2car

InSoftDev, one of the most impresive taxi dispatch-system provider company , has released this week their last version of the intelligent solution Smart2Car designed for Private hire , Taxi and transportation comanies.
The team seems to have worked incessantly, since the last version, released this days amazes with a totally new interface and with a lot of awesome features of all its modules.


If we look at their product as a simple citizen we will be definitely impressed by the new design of the web-booker. It became so nice and easily to use that even you child can book a cab to go to school within seconds.

Ionut Rascanu, InSoftDdev Managing Director, said : We rethought everything, from the web-booker to the
passenger application, and from the backoffice to the driver app so our customers will share the best experience.

Regarding the office module, it was redesigned to be more flexible and more accessible and for this purposee each page and table was restructured, filled with many filters and visual adjusted to be accessible even for the newest company employees.

“New Technology . Payment Methods”
Going to the points where we can see exactly the new major features and improvements, we firstly remark the new Payment methods.
– A new payment gateway, BrainTree, a division of PayPal been integrated; along with this integration, from the Passenger apps, the clients can save their credit card details and do payments in just one click.
Further, this integration will allow the companies to process post payments (payment at the end of the journey after been automatically calculated based on the distance and/or time)
– A new payment gateway, Instapago payment method has been integrated for web-booker and Consumers apps; this is meant to address mainly the Latin America market.
Secondly, most of the algorithms have been replaced so they have new ways of calculatig prices, routes and directions, for the last 2 ones using services like Google Maps, Mapquest, Skobbler, Openstreet and so on.
Moreover, an important step done recently by the company, is the integration with the Karhoo system. Karhoo is the ride comparison app that lets you compare and book more taxis and private hire vehicles from more fleets than anyone else. This will bring huge profits for all our clients (taxi companies) within the next period.

Most of the new features are thought to help the drivers and the final customers, and we refer here at the Driver App and Passenger App. A new interesting feature is the ranking system by which clients can rate, on the one hand their trip experience or chose on the other hand a driver by his rating.

For more details about InSoftDEV, please visit the website:
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