SMS and Data Applications

The SMS is one of the most important technologies in mobile telecommunications. One of the core advantages of the SMS is the support of any mobile handset independent of the vendor or any proprietary technology.

INSOFTDEV strategies help to determine unique, “out-of-the-box” ways to increase both the size and profitability of the business while helping our clients stay competitive in challenging markets.

This is just a small part of possible SMS applications:

  • Peer-to-peer messaging;
  • Mobile marketing;
  • Bulk messages
  • Premium rate entertainment services;
  • Mobile content delivery;
  • SMS-to-E-mail service;
  • Integration via APIs;
  • Development of a notification engine within your software;
  • Online payments applications;

Our SMS servers’ capabilities:

INSOFTDEV SMS servers give low bandwidth applications the ability to send information by reliable, affordable SMS text messages.


  • Our API commands allow your business to integrate SMS text messages directly in your systems and applications;
  • 1 to 4 dedicated ports allow scalability for applications of any size;
  • Organizes entries into distribution groups depending on the type of information communicated;
  • Allows multiple concurrent users;
  • Address book allows import of standard csv file format;
  • External load balancing for distributed load among multiple units on the same network;
  • Allows setup of pre-configured messages;
  • Broadcast pre-defined SMS based on receipt of matching SMS and/or phone number;
  • Setup user accounts with different rights.

Our expertise area:

  • Deployment and configuration for various SMS gateways and services;
  • Planning to develop alternative or built-in distribution channels as well as develop customer service monitoring systems;
  • External IT systems integration (web services-Nexmo/SMSBiz, Gammu Daemon, etc.);
  • Implementing failover and load balancing configurations;
  • Custom SMS applications development;
  • Cross platform integration.

Service Conditions:

  • To start discussing your Marketing & Data services project simply get in contact with us.