Insoftdev Technical Support Services and Policies

At INSOFTDEV Technical Support, our mission is to “help our customers make the best use of our software products through effective and responsive support, active advocacy, and a broad and flexible range of self-help resources.” In support of this mission, the following services and policies set the expectations for your relationship with INSOFTDEV Technical Support.

General Support Services

Technical support for INSOFTDEV software includes:

Telephone support

Access to support resources through LiveChat on INSOFTDEV’s Web site

E-mail support

Some of the ways in which we can help you successfully use our software are:

  • Suggest the appropriate INSOFTDEV procedure, features, or products for the particular type of analysis or functionality that is requested.
  • Answer questions about specific details of procedures, such as discussing available features, options, and limitations.
  • Provide references for formulas and statistical techniques that our algorithms use, where possible.
  • Provide limited guidance and references to help you interpret the output that is produced by statistical procedures.
  • Isolate, document, and find circumventions for reported software defects.
  • Work with INSOFTDEV software development staff to provide safe hot fixes for our software, as we deem appropriate.
  • Provide limited and general statistical advice on a case-by-case basis.
  • Address concerns with printed or online documentation by providing additional examples, if necessary, or explanation for concepts that require clarification.
  • Provide guidance during INSOFTDEV software installation.
  • Provide limited assistance with programming logic.
  • Provide a broad overview of hardware tuning, operating system modifications, INSOFTDEV system performance enhancements, and methods of efficient programming for achieving optimal performance; however, we do not provide benchmarking for specific hardware or operating systems.
  • Provide support for the interaction between the INSOFTDEV system and any third-party software that ships with the INSOFTDEV system.
  • For other third-party applications, we are glad to convey any knowledge that we have, but we cannot provide support for another vendor’s software.

Due to limited resources and knowledge of any particular customer’s data analysis situation, we cannot provide customized consulting services. Nor can we provide customized INSOFTDEV code, for example, CONTRAST, ESTIMATE, or TABLES statements; macro, JSL, SCL, DATA step, or IML code. Your Account Representative can also assist you in engaging the appropriate professional services.

Some INSOFTDEV software products are designed to be modified by the customer. However, modifying INSOFTDEV software products in a manner not authorized by the applicable user documentation might limit or preclude INSOFTDEV from providing technical support. Contact INSOFTDEV Technical Support if you are unsure whether your planned modification will result in a supported software configuration. Attempting to reverse engineer, reverse assemble or decompile INSOFTDEV software, or in any way attempting to recreate or modify the source code for any INSOFTDEV software, is never authorized under your INSOFTDEV software license and might preclude INSOFTDEV from providing technical support.

Support Services for Current and Prior Releases of Software

INSOFTDEV provides the following level of support for generally available INSOFTDEV software applications running on these supported operating systems. The level of support is described in the following table:


7AM – 5PM

5PM – 7AM




Activity by Technical Support Staff

Investigates all reported problems.

Provides circumventions, where possible.

Investigates all reported problems.

Provides circumventions, where possible.

Support for Executable Modules and Hot Fixes

Provides fixes where already available.

Provides fixes where already available.

Software Maintenance and Bug Fixes

INSOFTDEV provides maintenance for the INSOFTDEV system through replacement executable modules, or hot fixes, that might be supplied individually or in bundles. The availability of hot fixes is announced via email or by phone.

While we attempt to provide fixes for serious problems, there might be cases where it is impractical or impossible to generate a fix, due to compatibility issues or the potential for introduction of unwanted side effects.


Support Eligibility

Technical support is available to all customers who license INSOFTDEV software. When you contact INSOFTDEV Technical Support, you might be required to provide information, such as company name, e-mail address, and phone number, that identifies you as a licensed INSOFTDEV software customer. Failure to provide this information might preclude INSOFTDEV Technical Support from taking action on your issue.

Support Cost

For most INSOFTDEV products and solutions, there is no additional charge for technical support. Support of our software is considered a part of the license agreement. Charges for any fee-based Technical Support services are outlined in your license agreement.

If you need assistance to do any of the following, your request will be routed to an appropriate fee-based resource.

  • write custom code
  • design a INSOFTDEV application
  • select an appropriate statistical methodology
  • design experiments
  • debug a complex application

Support Hours

For Customers in Europe during Normal Support Hours:

Support is provided in English from our corporate headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

  • Support hours for new questions are Monday through Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Europe/London time.
  • Limited support for new questions via email is available Monday through Friday 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Europe/London time.

For Customers Outside of Europe:

Support is provided in English from our corporate headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

For Critical Problems after Normal Support Hours:

Emails to Technical Support for critical problems after normal support hours are directed to one of our world-wide support centers in Europe thus providing 24-hour “follow the sun” support.

Note: After-hours support is available only in English and is limited to critical problems. After-hours support is limited to searching the Technical Support database for known, readily-identifiable potential circumventions to previously-encountered similar problems. If no potential circumvention is found, support will continue during regular business hours.

Problem Response Time

For Problems Reported by Phone

All problems reported to Technical Support are initially handled by a consultant who works with you to identify and (in many cases) solve your reported problem. If the problem is not resolved during the primary contact, the consultant assigns a tracking number to the problem and does additional research or might pass it to a specialist.

The following table displays the targets for initial follow-up and frequency of updates for problems with different severities and conditions. The goals for initial follow-up after a problem with production software is first reported are based on the nature and severity of the problem. The Technical Support consultant will attempt to contact the customer who reported the problem within the response time goals described below.

Severity Level







A critical INSOFTDEV production system is down or does not function at all, and there is no circumvention for the problem; a significant number of customers are affected, and a production business system is inoperable.

A component of INSOFTDEV software is not performing, creating a significant operational impact.

A component of INSOFTDEV is not performing as documented; there are unexpected results; problems are circumventable; there is moderate or minor operational impact.

Questions pertain to usage questions or clarification of documentation.

Customer offers suggestions or requests for new product features and enhancements.

Initial Follow-up*

2 hours

4 business hours

24 hours**

24 hours**

24 hours**

Frequency of Updates

Every day

Every 2 business days

Every 3 business days

Every 10 business days

Every 30 business days

* For problems that are assigned to a Technical Support consultant, initial follow-up is defined as the time between when the problem is initially reported and the specialist contacts the customer. For problems that require further research by the consultant who initially received the problem, initial follow-up is defined as the time between the initial contact with the consultant and a follow-up call.
** Does not include weekend or other non-business days

Resolving Problems

Due to the complex nature of software development and operating environments, INSOFTDEV cannot guarantee the time that it will take to resolve a problem. In addition, our response times may be affected if a customer fails to provide requested information and/or refuses to provide INSOFTDEV with remote access to the customer’s relevant network(s) or system(s), as applicable. We make our best effort to resolve problems as expeditiously as possible.

Archiving Problems

A problem is archived upon mutual agreement between the consultant that is responsible for the problem and the customer who reported the problem. In cases where the consultant is awaiting further information from the customer, the consultant makes at least one attempt either by phone or e-mail to contact the customer within a few business days. During this contact, the consultant communicates a timeline for archiving the problem if further information is not provided.

Information is not lost when a problem is archived. If for any reason in the future you need to discuss the specific problem that is documented in an archived track, a new problem will be opened with a new tracking number, and all information will be carried forward into the new tracking entry.

Sending Sensitive Data

INSOFTDEV will safeguard data you send to our Technical Support organization in the same manner in which we protect our own similar confidential information. However, INSOFTDEV Technical Support cannot guarantee that your data will be handled in compliance with all regulatory standards applicable to such data. Accordingly, please do not send to INSOFTDEV any data subject to government regulations that prescribe special handling requirements. If your data file contains such regulated information, please contact us before sending it so we may discuss masking, obfuscation, or other possible methods to convert your data set to a format that INSOFTDEV can manage.