Booking management systems for confirmations: e-mail, invoice, text message

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Booking management systems for confirmations: e-mail, invoice, text message

When it comes to getting in contact with the clients, the opportunity becomes obvious – this is the most essential aspect of taking care of each customer and making sure that they get all of the facilities that they require.

Providing constant information through any means possible to the client is perhaps one of the most important tasks for any cab dispatch system. Making sure that they are up to date with any events that may turn up shows not only the transparency, but also the exact process through which he is dealt with.

The means to do this vary with the technology at hand. Nowadays, e-mails should be something that anyone has access to – with the recent quick growth of the smartphone market, sooner rather than later everyone will be able to read their e-mails on the go – which means that this free way of sending notifications will become extremely used.

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The second option would be text messaging – while not free, it provides access to a much wider range of persons – whenever they will receive notifications as well as any updates at any time, this will be a clear sign that the taxi management system is operational. Which means that through the application’s management system, the taxi dispatch has been made and that they are in safe hands.

Given that everything amounts to digital storing of information nowadays, the booking system also features a system which automatically generates invoices. This means that the client won’t have to specifically ask the driver for his bill, when it is automatically generated by our online dispatch application.

We already know that the client wants to always be notified whenever something comes up. This is the right approach to do it. Where does our online taxi dispatch system excel in this? Well not only do we provide these services for our customers, but we also allow the full customization – you get to choose when, where, and how should the clients receive their notifications. This means that you get to have full control over how they will be notified, to best fit the current need not only of the clients, but also the company.

Keeping all this in mind, we believe that we have managed to achieve the right balance between the transparency required by the client and the control which the manager of the application, as well as the taxi dispatch company, should have.

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