Quotations: various methods to calculate the given price

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Quotations: various methods to calculate the given price

One of the most important aspects of a reservation is the one regarding the aspect of the price.

Any taxi dispatch system must follow a standard which usually is either a set of fixed prices for certain areas, or one following an algorithm.

It is essential, when dealing with such matters, to have a vast array of fees which have to be editable, in order for the administrator – you – to have the option to accustom it to his own wishes.

This is where Smart2Car, the most efficient and cost-effective booking and dispatch system comes to prove its superiority. We have analyzed not only the necessity of a booking system to be flexible and easily editable, but we have taken into account various methods for the charges.

What does this mean specifically? Well, as we have mentioned before, any regular taxi booking system usually has a standard set of fixed prices. And we offer this feature too, which means that you will be able to give the clients quotes based on the prices that you’ve set yourself.

What happens, however, when the locations don’t match the standard ones? Well, this is a fairly tricky issue for a lot of companies – because as you grow, your area of expansion grows with you. Sometimes you just can’t take care of it all – and that is when automatic price calculation comes into play.

Not only do we offer the option of a charge per mileage in advance – but we allow you to fully customize it. Setting standards based on distance, areas, and any other extra elements ensures that everything is entirely controlled by you – in that way, there is nothing that you won’t be able to do using our Dispatch Software.

Having gone through all this is not the end. A lot of extra features can be added, as well as multiple charging mechanisms – discount rules, extra options, and price increases for particular time spans – a full option when it comes to pricing for your personal taxi and limo Booking and Dispatch System!

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