SMS Templates – Improving the communication with the drivers

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SMS Templates – Improving the communication with the drivers

A minicab company is all about helpful and friendly operators, safe journeys, happy customers and punctual transfers. Still, if we think about the core of the company, we must admit that it is represented by the drivers, as they are in charge of the journeys and have the huge responsibility to take the customers safe to their destination.

A driver should meet various qualities, such as courtesy, politeness and, obviously, he must have outstanding driving skills. All these will make him a great driver and, consequently, will help the company develop and become more famous on the local or even national market.

Since the drivers are so important for a taxi company, it is absolutely necessary to maintain a strong communication with them and know what their status is and where they are located. Your company may have much to suffer if a driver won’t show up to a pick-up point or if he gets there late, so you must avoid this at all costs.

Thanks to our dispatch system software, you can now keep in touch with your drivers through a very simple method: the SMS Templates. This feature will help you communicate much easier with the drivers. So, with a simple text message, you can let them know all the details of the booking and even send them updates about a job.

You can create the templates the way you want it to, so as to suit your needs. In these templates, you can include various details like the pick-up address, the pick-up time and date, the destination of the journey, the phone number and name of the passenger(s), the number of bags, the chosen payment method, the price for the journey and any other relevant observation.

The driver can see the SMS on the run, without having to carry a computer with him at all times. Also, he can answer to the message immediately and let you know what his status is.

At the same time, you should know that these SMS Templates can be sent to the clients, too. It is an easier way of communication with the customers. You can inform them that their booking has been made and confirmed or that their driver has already got to their pick-up point. Include the booking number, the price and the other booking details in the SMS.

One of the best aspects regarding this feature is that it is completely customizable. Thus, the Online Taxi Dispatch System offers you the opportunity to compose your own SMS Templates so as to include details relevant for your business. Moreover, you are the one deciding when you’ll be sending the text messages and if you send one or more, depending on the driver’s status and the updates added to the job. So, our taxi booking system allows you to have complete control over your minicab company.

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