Operators, Controllers: Managing privileges and establishing roles

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Operators, Controllers: Managing privileges and establishing roles

It is known that organization is key to any successful business. And this is why the first thing that a manager does is to establish who takes care of what. In a bigger company, several people have to cover different roles. This can turn out to be a serious issue.

Taxi Dispatch

At this point a cab dispatch system may prove to be extremely useful. If you are able to give certain tasks to a particular person, and restrict that person in such a way so that they only have access to their own tasks, not only will you decrease the risks of them meddling with things that they shouldn’t see, but you will also provide an easier control interface for them, allowing them to see only what is essential to them.

Our booking system makes a rule of this, and therefore we are trying our hardest to accomplish the desired results by only giving the right privileges for each person. This is perhaps not only a method of easier management, but it will also help the security risks decrease.

Between having to constantly remind the employees where they are supposed to go and which area of the taxi dispatch system they should check, and just simply letting them in and having them do all the work themselves, the easier option is clearly the latter.

There are several levels on which the management system can be split – you can either have persons with different roles – controllers and operators, but at the same time you can have different levels of access – administrators and regular users.

The booking system that we offer gives you the possibility to strictly choose who gets what access based on what you want – since customization is key.

As your company grows, implementing security measures and facilitating the employees’ work will definitely become a necessity. This is why it is important to look as far ahead into the future as possible when committing to one thing – and our Smart2Car booking and dispatch System does just that.

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