INSOFTDEV – A challenger on the Taxi industry market

INSOFTDEV – The challenger

Is it difficult for a new company to make a name and to get into the focused field? Here’s a question that anyone asks when they want to put the basis of a new business. We should try to obtain an answer in the next couple of lines from a young entrepreneur’s point of view.

‘ Each start-up company has to take into consideration numerous aspects of the market it operates and of the business as such. Being a newbie with a great idea and an important amount of money to invest is not enough to make you succeed. You have to believe in what you offer and you have to make others believe in your services and your products. The second part is the most difficult.

As a start-up IT Company, INSOFTDEV- we learned that team work, good collaboration with our clients, superior quality of services and products could be the key to success. We started this business concentrating on the transportation market,mainly in UK, and then in other countries also. Smart2Car (Online- Taxi -Dispatch System) one of our main products in the field was designed in order to help taxi companies increase their productivity by going online and to improve their management system by using such a comprehensive app that allows them to organize everything concerning their business. Smart2Car is actually a complete solution for each taxi and private hire company. It offers the clients the possibility to make a booking using the Web booker integrated in the company website in no time and to a taxi company using the taxi Dispatcher –a back-end app the possibility to manage their fleet of cars, their bookings, their employees, track the drivers and so many other functionalities. The drivers app allows them to communicate in real time with the operators and the controllers, to change the status of a job, to see the details of the booking, to display the address in the background, make calls to clients and so on.

In just a few words we tried to describe the capabilities of a smart system but there would be much more to talk about.Having a good product on the market does not guarantee you the success but it will sure make it easier to reach for it at some point.